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AoS Legacy Officer Alastair Emblem with pupils of St Polycarp, Farnham Surrey
Surrey students submit letters, drawings and prayers for Sea Sunday
AoS Falmouth port chaplain John Pinhay supported a hospitalised seafarer
Falmouth port chaplain John Pinhay visits Crown Topaz crew member
AoS chaplains and ship visitors offer shelter and support to fishermen who are victims of trafficking
Targeted action needed to stop ports from being used for juman trafficking
AoS Felixstowe port chaplain Sr Marian Davey supports seafarers on the ships she visits
AoS offers support for seafarers on container ships
Frank Bennett has retired as Apostleship of the Sea's Standard Bearer
AoS Standard Bearer Frank Barrett retires
AoS arranged for the crew of La Richardias to celebrate All Saints Day Mass on board
AoS arranges Mass for La Richardias crew