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Apostleship of the Sea's Fr Colum Kelly blesses the Star Eos
Fr Colum Kelly celebrates Mass on board Star Eos
Christmas shoeboxes from parishioners of St Patrick's Leiceister to AoS at Woodall Service station
AoS port chaplain shares what Christmas is like for seafarers
Farnborough KSC organised a fundraising walk to raise funds for Apostleship of the Sea
Farnborough Knights of St Columba raise £1,000 for seafarers welfare
AoS Fowey port chaplain John Pinhay prayed with Radjo Muhammad, a Muslim seafarer
AoS Fowey port chaplain John Pinhay prays with Muslim seafarer
Your Catholic Legacy of which AoS is a founder member has produced a 2016 prayer calendar
AoS features in 2016 Your Catholic Legacy prayer calendar
AoS port chaplain Sr Marian Davey supports injured seafarer