A Gift in Your Will

Your support for seafarers can live on.

The work of our port chaplains and volunteers relies upon the generosity of people like you. "No seafarer should ever feel alone and uncared for. AoS port chaplains will always be there to help seafarers with their practical needs but also to support their faith.” – Martin Foley, AoS national director.
After providing for your loved ones, please consider leaving a proportion of what's left to AoS. Any gift, large or small, helps us support seafarers and their families - today and into the future.

Your support for seafarers can live on

Why leave a gift in your Will?
  • Our support for one in ten seafarers is only possible because of people remembering AoS in their Wills. Read how our help for seafarers is second to none.
  • By a gift in your will, you can help us go even further in the future, and ensure that seafarers receive our support when they most need us.
  • Just as legacies pledged in the past are supporting our work today, legacies pledged today will ensure that we will be there in the future too. Read why supporters like you decided to leave a legacy to AoS.
  • A gift to AoS in your Will is free of tax, and could help reduce the level of inheritance tax on the rest of your estate.
How can you help?

Even if you cannot afford to give 
regular gifts in your lifetime, you may find you are able to leave a gift in your Will. 
Go here for details of types of gifts you can leave and how to avoid legal complications.

We promise you:
  • we’ll answer any questions honestly and quickly.
  • we won’t put you under pressure - this is a big decision so please decide in your own time.
  • your loved ones come first - we respect that and won’t try to change it.
  • we’ll use your special gift wisely and effectively.
  • you don’t have to tell us your decision - we respect your right to privacy – but to help us with our planning you could use the pledge form HERE.
  • you can come and see our service first hand - just let us know.
For further help please contact Alastair@apostleshipofthesea.org.uk
What is Your Catholic Legacy?
AoS is working with 12 other Catholic charities to raise awareness among Catholics about the importance of leaving gifts in their wills to charity. More information here
Your Catholic Legacy logo
Please remember the Apostleship of the Sea in your Will to allow us to continue our vital support of seafarers. It costs nothing now, but could be the most important gift you ever make. For more information you can download a full copy of our Legacy Leaflet HERE