A Gift in Your Will

Your support for seafarers can live on.

The work of our port chaplains and volunteers relies upon the generosity of people like you. “ No seafarer should ever feel alone and uncared for. AoS port chaplains will always be there to help seafarers with their practical needs but also to support their faith.” – Martin Foley, AoS national director.  After providing for your loved ones, please consider leaving a proportion of what's left to AoS. Any gift, large or small, helps us support seafarers and their families - today and into the future.
Why leave a gift in your Will?
  • Our support for one in ten seafarers is only possible because of people remembering AoS in their Wills.
  • By a gift in your will, you can help us go even further in the future, and ensure that seafarers receive our support when they most need us.
  • Just as legacies pledged in the past are supporting our work today, legacies pledged today will ensure that we will be there in the future too.
Even if you cannot afford to give regular gifts in your lifetime, you may find you are able to leave a gift in your will.
There are three types of gifts that you can leave in your will:
Residuary giftThis gift represents the remainder of your estate after all other gifts and bequests have been honoured and any other debts paid off.
Pecuniary giftThis option enables you to leave a fixed sum of money to us. Your solicitor can advise you about index-linking such gifts to preserve their value in the future.
Specific giftThis option means that you can leave a specific tangible item such as a house, piece of jewellery, antique or car as a gift.
A gift to AoS will enable us to continue our valuable work supporting seafarers.
"I can’t speak too highly of the care and support given to seafarers by the port chaplains and ship visitors of Apostleship of the Sea. They bring a much needed dose of humanity, not only when ships are detained or at other very stressful moments for seafarers, but they are also out there ship visiting day in, day out. Their help for seafarers is second to none." Captain Ron Bailey harbour master, Clydeport Operations Limited
A gift to us in your Will is a natural conclusion to a lifetime of support. It is your lasting gift.
We always recommend you seek legal advice from a solicitor when drawing up or making changes to your Will.  They will know the current correct wording to allow you to leave your gift correctly. A professionally written Will gives you peace of mind and ensures your wishes are carried out. For more information you can download a full copy of our Legacy Leaflet here.   
We understand making a Will is a very personal matter. However, to enable us plan for the future, it would be helpful to know whether you intend to remember us in your Will or if you have already done so.  If you would like to let us know about your future intentions you can download and print out a pdf copy of our pledge form by clicking here. We are aware that your circumstances may change and so the details you give us will in no way obligate you, it is purely for our records. Please also be assured that we hold all information in strict confidence and will never share it with other charities or organisations.
Please remember the Apostleship of the Sea in your Will to allow us to continue our vital support of seafarers.