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Tribute Page

A special Memorial Mass was celebrated on November 21, 2018 by Fr Chris Thomas, General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, for the members of the AoS family who have died during the year. 
              This includes past employees, chaplains, volunteer parish contacts and the many seafarers who tragically lose their lives each year whilst carrying out their work of bringing goods to this country – essential work that is largely taken for granted, but which is recognised and supported by Apostleship of the Sea.
              Also remembered at the Mass were those who have left a legacy gift to support the work of AoS, as well as deceased supporters, relatives and friends in whose memory we have received donations. When we lose a loved one, it can often bring consolation in a time of grief to give a donation in their memory. 
              An in-memory gift is a meaningful way of participating in AoS’s ministry of bringing pastoral and practical support to seafarers visiting ports around Britain.

Memorial Mass for AoS members and supporters in November 2017


Alan Whitley Scott
Brian Hart
Brian Johnston
Bruce Hansen
Canon William Clements
Captain Denys Paul Bent
Captain Edward George Bee
Captain James Albert Ramage
Captain James Morgan
Captain Nigel Hoskin RN OBE
Catherine Irvine
Charles Dunn
Deceased parents of Fr W G East
Dr Kevin Joseph O'Reilly
Edwin Groves
For all drowned at sea
Fr Cyril Elkington
Gerald Payne
Gervase Tinley
Grace Walsh
Gwen Ogden
Jack, Sheila and Elizabeth Garry
James Dean
Jim Tate
Joan Barrett
John Dunphy
John Okiti
John Patrick Arnold Westlake
Leo Morris
Leslie and Henrietta d'Rozario
Lucienne Pickering
Margaret Jenkins
Marjorie Farrar
Mary Theresa Harvey
Maureen Brown
Michael Avery
Michael Murphy
Monica Mary Ramsden
Mrs Irene Jee
Mrs Jean Barnes
Mrs Mary Cox
Patricia and John Calviou
Pauline Corris
Pauline Stewart
Peter John Robinson
Relatives and friends of Mr & Mrs I G Smith
Sarah and Herbert Craven
Sean Bonner
Sheila Fawcett 
Walter Edward Hornby Titley


Frances Mulligan Legacy Donor    25/06/2018
Bridget Brennan Legacy Donor 11/08/2017
Robert Crabbe Legacy Donor 2018
Audrey Pickard Legacy Donor 2018
Maureen Swan Legacy Donor     03/2018
Joan Gardner Legacy Donor 12/01/2016
David Allen  Legacy Donor 04/01/2018
Edith Beveridge Legacy Donor 28/05/2018
Alfred Emeney Legacy Donor 04/05/2018
Sheila Wiffen Legacy Donor 06/06/2017
Barbara Knight  Legacy Donor 06/03/2017
Edward Timlin Legacy Donor 09/09/2016
John Lavery  Legacy Donor 27/07/2017
Ada Cavadini Legacy Donor 03/08/2015
Arthur Keegan Legacy Donor 11/12/2016
Mabel Roberts Legacy Donor 09/04/2017
Sheila Higgins Legacy Donor 16/12/2017
Vincent Eavis Legacy Donor 19/03/2017
John Alford Legacy Donor   2017
Maureen McGarry Legacy Donor 22/02/2017
John Bagshaw Legacy Donor 17/04/2013
Marie Stott Legacy Donor 26/08/2016
Agnes Sinclair Legacy Donor  01/09/2016
Hilary Tapley Legacy Donor 15/08/2016
Mary Chapman Legacy Donor 24/06/2017
Benjamin Skipper Legacy Donor 12/11/2016
Margaret Harrington Legacy Donor 22/06/2016


Alan W Scott Supporter 04/12/2017
Peter J Robinson Supporter 05/12/2017
M E Sloboda Supporter 08/12/2017
Dennis Watkins Supporter 11/12/2017
M V Day Supporter 22/12/2017
Matthew Murphy Supporter 28/12/2017
M Cross Supporter 2018
Edwin S Wilson Supporter 2018
Gervase Tinley Supporter 2018
Nesia M Manning Supporter 2018
Anthony Doyle Supporter 2018
Pauline Corris Supporter 2018
Mary C Bird AOS Super Donor 2018
Michael J Harlock Supporter 2018
Bill Brady Supporter 2018
J L Sheehan Supporter 2018
Maurice W De Silva Supporter 2018
Mary C Monaghan Supporter 2018
Kate Wray Supporter 2018
Stanislawa Pawlik Supporter 01/2018
Henry P Teuma Supporter 01/2018
David P Papa Supporter 01/2018
Rodger Steedman Supporter 01/2018
Peter F Wyles Supporter 01/01/2018
Malcolm G Scanlan Supporter 02/01/2018
David J Allen Supporter 04/01/2018
Maureen Brown Supporter 10/01/2018
Michael W Avery Supporter 16/01/2018
Alec J O'Connor Supporter 17/01/2018
Isobel Pearson Supporter 22/01/2018
Veronica Borrett Supporter 02/2018
William Smith Supporter 01/02/2018
Eileen Burke Supporter 23/02/2018
Lucienne Pickering Supporter 06/03/2018
Keith Patrick O'Brien Bishop 19/03/2018
Henry Douglas Supporter 23/03/2018
Peter Bleasdale Supporter 22/04/2018
Michael Martin Supporter 29/04/2018
Kevin J O'Reilly Supporter 05/2018
Michael A Williams Supporter 11/05/2018
Elizabeth A Bean Supporter 28/05/2018
Peter Strachan Supporter 06/2018
Teresa O'Grady Supporter 10/06/2018
Jane Neely Supporter 11/06/2018
Paul Burrell Supporter 20/06/2018
Hugh Casey Supporter 06/07/2018
Joyce M Smith Supporter 10/07/2018
Noel Harrington Supporter 25/07/2018
Harry Howell Supporter 08/2018
Dudley C Murray Supporter 08/2018
Peter F Hawkins Supporter 08/2018
Fabian Clancy Supporter 04/09/2018
Maurice Radford Supporter 06/09/2018
Francis J Eyre Supporter 18/09/2018
G Payne Supporter 24/09/2018
Margaret Jenkins Supporter 28/09/2018
Charles Dixon Supporter 15/10/2018
M J Dancer Supporter 21/10/2018

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

If you would like to make a gift in memory of a loved one, please go to our GIFTS IN MEMORY PAGE.