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Summer Appeal

During months at sea, you need God more than ever.

You and I know that when life gets tough, we depend on our faith. Under pressure, we need the support of the Church and the wisdom of Scripture. But where do you turn when you’re miles from home, family, and even your countrymen?

That’s the experience of seafarers around the world, who endure loneliness, boredom and separation from loved ones to bring us the goods we need every day. They yearn for connection with God’s family during long months at sea. Our chaplains go on board ships with Catholic magazines or prayer booklets, and many seafarers are extraordinarily grateful for two-month-old Catholic newspapers - such is their desire for spiritual nourishment.

So we’ve developed a new faith magazine for seafarers called Stella Maris, a monthly faith magazine. Each edition includes:

• The Gospel readings for the month and a short commentary written specially for seafarers.

• Practical advice for seafarers.

• Stories of Catholics whose lives can inspire us.

• A faith poster and prayer, which seafarers can put on the walls of their mess or cabin.

AoS Stella Maris Clyde port chaplain Joe O'Donnell distributes the Stella Maris magazine to seafarers.
The magazine is in English and Ukrainian – which means most seafarers in the world can read and understand it. Best of all, Stella Maris is FREE to every seafarer who wants a copy.

Already, this simple magazine is bringing joy to seafarers around the world. Chaplain Joe O’Donnell in Glasgow says, “I just left some crew on a first-time visit here, and they were delighted to receive a copy of the magazine.” Rose Kearney at the Stella Maris seafarers’ centre in Dublin adds, “A Russian noticed it on the desk while waiting on a call from home, and took a copy to give to his colleague.”

But to provide this magazine, free of charge, month after month, your help is needed. We’d love to see Stella Maris being distributed in 100 ports around the world by the end of the year – bringing faith and joy to seafarers everywhere. (Click here to read and download all editions of our Stella Maris magazine). 

It costs just £5 to put a Stella Maris magazine into the hands of a seafarer, alongside a visit from a chaplain. Please, will you help provide this vital faith magazine today? 

Your gift of:

£80 can supply a chaplain with enough Stella Maris magazines for a ship’s crew of 16 seafarers.

£60 can ensure a seafarer receives Stella Maris magazine every month for a year.

£20 can provide Stella Maris magazines to four seafarers.

Will you provide Stella Maris magazines to seafarers around the world and help sustain their faith? To make a donation click on the red box below.


Send a message of friendship or a prayer to a seafarer today. Just fill in the form with your message/prayer and click submit!

My Message to Seafarers


Please continue to support the faith needs of a seafarer.

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