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Lent Appeal

Supporting seafarers in crisis

Last year two of our ship visitors met Bep. Bep’s ship had arrived into Hartlepool port shortly after the birth of his triplets.  Unfortunately all three babies were in hospital receiving treatment and one of the babies was critically ill, weighing only around two pounds.

The medical bills were financially crippling.

Bep’s wife was discharging herself early to save money and Bep was planning to extend his contract and shorten his visit home to cover the spiralling costs. The wider family were taking out loans which Bep would never be able to repay.

Bep was distraught.

But thanks to the support of people like you, Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) was able to help Bep by settling his hospital bills. The triplets were able to leave hospital a few weeks later, and Bep was able to go home at the end of his contract to meet his sons.

Now the boys are thriving.

Bep and his family’s lives were transformed by the kindness of people like you.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year Stella Maris helped in 80 crisis situations. From helping in medical situations like Bep’s, to supporting seafarers following a death at sea, to providing food and water for crews abandoned here by shipping companies. And your support made all the difference.

This year, thousands of seafarers will live through their worst nightmares, when they’re far from home and away from loved ones. Your generosity will mean they don’t face a crisis alone.

Please, will you help more seafarers in crisis – and ensure they don’t face their worst nightmares alone?

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