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AoS Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech with seafarers on a container ship

Despite the changes modern technology has brought to shipping, communication is still a major problem. Many container ships don’t have internet access, mobile phones often don’t work at sea and satellite phones are expensive.

This means that crew members can go for months without any contact with their families back home. Their child could be born, a parent or relative die, or some crisis could occur and they would not know. Having worries about your family and not being able to talk to anyone about them is a common problem for many seafarers.

Apostleship of the Sea port chaplains and ship visitors are aware of all of this when they go on board a container ship. That’s why they carry SIM cards or mobile phone top-up cards with them, or will arrange transport to somewhere with internet access. And, of course, AoS is there to provide spiritual care.

You can help seafarers keep in touch with their families.


  • £15 could pay for a ship visit by our port chaplain.
  • £35 could take a crew to Mass.
  • £100 could help pay for Christian literature specifically for seafarers.

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