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Charitable Trusts & Foundations

The main aim of the Apostleship of the Sea is to support all the people of the sea.

Our work encompasses many diverse areas including religious spiritual support, social welfare, maritime industry and provision of welfare support in specific geographical areas. Because of this an increasing number of charitable trusts and foundations are working with us to meet our mutual objectives.

We strive to build upon this existing support by attracting more charitable trusts and foundations that share our understanding of the importance of long term funding to make a positive difference to the lives of many seafarers who are in need of support.

For more information on how a charitable trust or foundation can help us with our work, and how we can work together to reach out to the people of the sea who are very often isolated and at risk of marginalisation; please contact Annie.


Some of the Projects that Trusts and Foundations have helped to support:


Funding of vehicles for our chaplains


Funding to help our work with sick seafarers


Funding of wireless technology and laptops for chaplain's ship visits



Regional funding of chaplains within specific areas


Funding for faith resources for seaferers



Read our Annual Review 2018, which can be downloaded here.

View our Charity Overview on the Charity Commissions website.