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AoS Celebrates World Maritime Day

27th September 2012

World Maritime Day is on 27 September which also crresponds to the Feast of Stella Maris, so it is a very important day for AoS. This year's theme is safety at sea, one hundred years after the Titanic.  We will be remembering the ministry of three priests on board the Titanic, who gave their lives to provide spiritual comfort to passengers who were still on board.  John Green our Director of Development gave an internirw to Vatican Radio about the importance of World Maritime Day and of the ministry of  chaplains at sea, today and in history.  

John also read an account written in a letter about the last happenings around one of the priests onboard:
"As soon as it became apparent to everyone onboard that there was an accident, Fr Byles appeared on deck in his full clerical dress and moved about among the crowd giving absolution to different groups. An account from a Lady Ellen Mary Mockler said as she got into one of the lifeboats, which was one of the last to leave, as they were slowly going further away from the ship she could distinctly hear the voice of the priest Fr Thomas and the responses to his prayers as they became fainter all she could hear was the refrain of the hymn, Near am I God to Thee."
To hear the full interview follow this link to Vatican Radio.